Faith of Heros

Game Two

From the shrine

There is a fresh offering at the shrine of Falaarn.

we move a bit further down the trail to camp. The troops drank with kyr and there was more discord.

Will chewed on scraps of meat and felt closer to the wolf.

Canaan sees a sword in the fire. He is the only one that sees it. He is not sure what it is. He draws it from the fire and his arm catches fire. A spare goes to grab him but Will intervenes. Canaan blows the fire out of his clothes and the ashes swirl and form scabbard around the blade he holds.

The next day we come up on and grisly scene. a tower was built into the side of the pass and is surrounded by a few huts. in the center is a man hanging from crossed beams, he is alive but his face is gone.

The have two archers cover them as they approach. They enter town. Kyr is first to look in the hut and waves them off when he sees villagers with eyes glowing and breathing in unison.

They regroup and decide to investigate the tower. They sneak past the huts. They see people in there. Wll leaves an archer to cover the opening as they circle around. They find a window about 15 feet up. Kyr deftly parkours his way up the wall and through the window. He sees guys in side. he sneaks across on a support beam .

he sees six people aronud the fire. one is sitting crosslegged wearing the face of the guy from outside. The guy is ragged haired, wearing mail, staring out the door. he has an odd scepter wit three heads – one of them turns to stare at ricardo.

A combat ensues – ricardo buries swings his sword down on the main guys head, it gets stuck. Will, Canaan and the otehr guys charge in to help. ricardo gets mind f’d. Will calls on Elena to strengthen the groups resolve. the minions start to fall fairly fast. Will knocks one out. Will and Canaan daze everyone.

Kyr screams “waht are you.” Teh thing answers “I am the future of this world. As I am, you will become.”

we finally defeat them when the things from the village attack. Geoarge the archer outside dies. Kyr stumbles over a hatch that leads to a passage under the tower that leads out. CAnaan and Kyr and one extra heurry ahead. Will and Hank(extra) drag the unconcious guy behind.

they come to a grate. Kyr can’t get through – Canaan uses his awesome sword. he hits the grate and melts the steel. the grate goes down.

Will fears they can’t get the guy out – turns out Hank has rope. They lower the man and himself down and they escape out. they follow the ravine and head out. They tie the guy up.

They question him – he says they are turning guys into monsters (zombies). we took his symbol and killed him. we sent the extras back to chaos city with the symbol and a warning. gave them deer meat to protect them from wolves.


painless coloradocasualhiker

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