Will Oakheart

A rugged man with a natural charisma.


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Will has lived on the edge of civilization most of his life.


Will is the son of the goddess Alena and noted frontiersman Gerald Oakheart. Though he was raised by his father in their frontier community, he often received visits from his mother. As he grew, she would take him with her farther and farther into the wild and he loved her for it.

When he was with his father (who was the leader of his frontier village), he learned the importance of community. He learned how to bond with those around him and saw how those bonds brought strength. It was clear he was a natural leader.

As a descendant of the gods, Will has always been a target for their machinations. From an early age, he received sporadic visits from many of them besides his mother, each seeking to use him in their games. For the most part, Alena protected him from them, but one day a request came from Gaia that Alena could not deflect.

The followers of the god Falaarn had lain a curse of a nearby land. The earth was cursed, the once verdant plant life was putrifying and the animals were twisted into bizarre horrors. Will had to go and drive the out the followers and break the curse. The curse was tied to an ebony stone. (In the process of breaking the curse, he came upon Kyr and rescued him from some of the twisted creatures that had wiped out the soldier’s squad). After breaking the curse, Gaia took the stone and fashioned a magic bracelet that, with a thought, Will can activate to spring into a black metallic shield. She named it Rebanya, which means Ebonguard in old tongue.

Will Oakheart

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