Faith of Heros

Game Two
From the shrine

There is a fresh offering at the shrine of Falaarn.

we move a bit further down the trail to camp. The troops drank with kyr and there was more discord.

Will chewed on scraps of meat and felt closer to the wolf.

Canaan sees a sword in the fire. He is the only one that sees it. He is not sure what it is. He draws it from the fire and his arm catches fire. A spare goes to grab him but Will intervenes. Canaan blows the fire out of his clothes and the ashes swirl and form scabbard around the blade he holds.

The next day we come up on and grisly scene. a tower was built into the side of the pass and is surrounded by a few huts. in the center is a man hanging from crossed beams, he is alive but his face is gone.

The have two archers cover them as they approach. They enter town. Kyr is first to look in the hut and waves them off when he sees villagers with eyes glowing and breathing in unison.

They regroup and decide to investigate the tower. They sneak past the huts. They see people in there. Wll leaves an archer to cover the opening as they circle around. They find a window about 15 feet up. Kyr deftly parkours his way up the wall and through the window. He sees guys in side. he sneaks across on a support beam .

he sees six people aronud the fire. one is sitting crosslegged wearing the face of the guy from outside. The guy is ragged haired, wearing mail, staring out the door. he has an odd scepter wit three heads – one of them turns to stare at ricardo.

A combat ensues – ricardo buries swings his sword down on the main guys head, it gets stuck. Will, Canaan and the otehr guys charge in to help. ricardo gets mind f’d. Will calls on Elena to strengthen the groups resolve. the minions start to fall fairly fast. Will knocks one out. Will and Canaan daze everyone.

Kyr screams “waht are you.” Teh thing answers “I am the future of this world. As I am, you will become.”

we finally defeat them when the things from the village attack. Geoarge the archer outside dies. Kyr stumbles over a hatch that leads to a passage under the tower that leads out. CAnaan and Kyr and one extra heurry ahead. Will and Hank(extra) drag the unconcious guy behind.

they come to a grate. Kyr can’t get through – Canaan uses his awesome sword. he hits the grate and melts the steel. the grate goes down.

Will fears they can’t get the guy out – turns out Hank has rope. They lower the man and himself down and they escape out. they follow the ravine and head out. They tie the guy up.

They question him – he says they are turning guys into monsters (zombies). we took his symbol and killed him. we sent the extras back to chaos city with the symbol and a warning. gave them deer meat to protect them from wolves.

Game One

Kyr and Canaan traveling to Addoraxis to acquire grain for Katan – Kyr hangs out with Canaan for high quality booze. Will is on the way there with a epistle from the ranger guy (A’kar).

Kyr saw his stein in a store and took it without paying. Canaan paid the storekeeper for the cup, from his carriage.

They enter a bar – Kyr drinks and carouses. People are very talkative, giving him all sorts of information.

Will traveled on foot. used god-calling to continue because was followed. in the morning when nearing the city he looked back and saw it was a large wolf following him.

The three converge on the castle in the morning. and meet up. They meet the king together.

The epistle says spies in rainhaven have stopped reporting. they were trying to find kidnapped people – two of which were his daughter and niece.

The Dial of Benedor – the dial increases grain output. It was taken to Rainhaven by the forces of order.

The three agree to retrieve the dial. Will suggests they visit the oracle for guidance on the quest. the temple of kadeen has a large pool of water that is dead calm. The priestesses wear gossamer black robes and their faces are obscured.
they are touchy and seemed drugged. our own reflections look back.

Kyr pours liquor into the pool for his reflection, but the liquid does not ripple, instead a vision appears of his family being killed by soldiers with a sun symbol on them. The captain has a distinctive scar.

Will misses this and approiaches the glowing altar. The oracle is middle aged woman – veil is down – beauitiful. She addresses Will (she knew he was coming … in his shorts!)

He asks for guidance to retrieve the Dial. she puts hands on either side if his head. he has vision. sees rainhaven. bunch of people pushed off drowned with weights. also saw catcombs with rangers and stone. see pretty maidens in the city where the barge docks in tower. and a witch in the forest (seems out of place).

They discuss the vision. it is of the future. will left the signet ring for kadeen as a gift. they returned to castle and got 5 soldiers from the captain of the guard.

they dress in leathers and swords – no horses. some soldiers are decent archers. they leave the city and head south towards the mountains. Will notices the wolf again. They travel until noight and set up camp in a glen.

will leaves to confront the wolf. kyr and the guards get along when he is compeled by the cup to share. Canaan drinks too but is not affected.

A drunk guards start talking bad about the king. They talk about order being better.

Will finds alpha and pack of like 20 wolves at ridge. they have a kill – will offered some – will ate – feels. Will speaks to the alpha – he don’t answer. Will tells them their help is welcome, but interference will not be accepted. They run off into the night and will returns to the camp.

will finds guard drunk – chastises. he takes watch.

four days pass and they reach a foot path at the base of the mountain that leads through to the south. there are ten followers of Falaarn. They discuss attacking, but they are concerned about being discovered.

Will calls the wolves and has them fall on the enemy group. While will and Kyr get eveeryoine ready to move, the prince approaches the group, looking for treasures. He sees the falaarn men dead with a few wolves. he sees their tent – it’s a shrine set up. inside their is a stone box with aged handles. The lid is sealed with gold.

when they notice the prince is gone, they walk and find him. he found an artifact of falaarn. We decide to buren the artifact. Canaan destroys the artifact but the fire damages his fine clothes.

after a days travel on the path they find another shrine – this one to all the gods.

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